A.G.Abubakar,Esq Unmasked

This, wasn’t the topic of the article that had kept me restless since afternoon. The topic, I had in mind was; WAR LOOMS IN CAC AS GROUP DEMANDS FOR IGBO RG.
While constipating with this, a bird told me that, WAR OF SUCCESSION LOOMS IN CAC; ABUBAKAR AND GADO AT CROSSROADS. I will still write this next week.
I sent this topic via SMS to Mr. A.G.Abubakar, Special Assistant(SA), to Registrar General and also doubles as Director of Compliance in CAC.
He replied “Che you are not serious.” I further replied that I have never claimed to be serious and he fired a threat, that, “if I publish anything untrue about me, we shall meet in court. Mark you, this is not an empty threat” And I replied, the court, is open to us all. He used 0803..3494, to send these messages to me.
To the court of public opinion, I hereby take you to.
I met A.G.Abubakar, after a successful protest against CAC, sometime in 2008/9, when Akinboro SAN was NBA Abuja Chairman.
The protest, resulted in the shutdown of services in CAC. The management, unknown to me, was trying to reach out to me, as they believed I was part of the leadership of the organizers of the protest.
Chike Adaka, Esq, brokered the meeting and it took place at Gubbabi Hotel Zone 5, now Grand Ibro Hotel. Over a bottle of stout(I was the only one drinking), truce was reached and signals sent, CAC resumed operations the next day.
After this, I never had any close contact with A.G.Abubakar until another protest against CAC’s poor service delivery in 2011. This didn’t go down well with management and some staff of CAC. Leadership of NBA Abuja too, didn’t like it.I became a marked man.
I continued my protest against poor services in CAC and my classical peaceful protest, was to sit down half naked-upper part only, until my jobs CAC had taken penchant of delaying or out rightly telling me that, they cannot be found are found and given to me. Staff, who were close to me, told me that S.A, is responsible for these frustrations.
CAC management, one 5/01/2011, used DSS to arrest me for peacefully protesting.After my visit to DSS, CAC’s poor services, didn’t improve and I resumed my Hindu style protest.
Sometime in 2011, via Suit No FHC/ABJ/CS/720/2011, CAC sued me at Federal High Court Abuja, that I should be committed to asylum or the court, should order for psychiatric evaluation of me.CAC’s lawyer, was one Chief Akpan Nkereuwem while Obi-Nwakor represented me pro-bono.CAC’s originating summons was thrown out.Chief Akpan Nkereuwm told me in the cause of trial, that my problem was with the S.A and not the RG. That he could arrange for settlement between me and the S.A, which will result in CAC, dropping the case against me. I refused and the matter ran its full course.
In 2014, CAC withdrew my accreditation and denied me access into CAC premises all over Nigeria, the staff of CAC were ordered not to process any document that had my accreditation number. I sued CAC After I sued CAC, http://allafrica.com/stories/201404290625.html
I was told that SA advised the RG that CAC, should appeal the Judgment of 2011 and the brief again was given to Chief Akpan. The appeal CA/A/249/M/14. Court of Appeal threw away the motion and CAC, wrote to NBA, accusing me of conduct unbecoming of a legal practitioner. NBA wrote me, I replied that I was already in court. Click http://saharareporters.com/2014/04/03/nigerian-bar-association-enters-case-against-attorney-cac-suit
The matter dragged until Augustine Alegah SAN became NBA president and after 9 months, me and CAC settled, I withdrew my court cases against CAC, except the one before Federal High Court 8-late Justice Chukwu’s Court.
CAC’s lawyer was still going to court.(CAC pays 1,500,000 to its lawyers for F/S high courts)
I called A.G.Abubakar and complained but his reply was, how about the 100Million Naira suit. Finally, I discontinued the suit but CAC’s lawyer went ahead and the court awarded cost of N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) Only against me. I complained to Augustine Alegeh SAN, that if CAC enforces that cost, I will collect it from NBA. So far , the lawyer to CAC, hasn’t made any move to ask for that cost.
In all these my checkered romance with CAC, A.G.Abubakar’s name was always mentioned and some caring staff, always told me to settle with A.G.Abubakar. I said I had no issues with SA, as he is infamously called.
So with a little worry, I was taken aback, when I heard, he has been elevated to the post of Director of Compliance at the speed of light. My investigations revealed that Compliance Department was without a director for a long time after the last occupant retired.
A.G.Abubakar, doubles as Director of Compliance as well as Special Assistant to the Registrar General. This dual role, is hampering the effective running of CAC. No matter how multitasking A.G.Abubakar thinks he can be, his holding down two full time demanding offices, is not in the best interest of CAC, its customers and to Nigeria.
I was in your office on Tuesday, July 10th and was kept waiting for over an hour. Could it be that your work as director compliance, took you away from the 6th floor, where you function as SA?
Sir, it is belittling for a full director, to be SA to the RG. A.G.Abubakar’s holding down these two positions, have set tongues wagging in the Commission, that he is being groomed as the next RG.
Most customers of CAC, see you as defacto RG. As should be expected, this has not gone down well with other directors of CAC.

The tension in CAC, among management, can only be likened to an inactive volcano, waiting to explode. Some fear that the explosion, will happen sooner than later, particularly, as the incumbent RG, is due to leave office in October.
Dear, A.G.Abubakar, when will you relinquish the post of S.A?
If you love it more than being Director of Compliance, why not give up compliance department!
I was told and I truly believe it that CAC, does not have a Legal Department and Compliance acts as legal department and is responsible for fanning out briefs to external solicitors of CAC. It is also argued that, Compliance, is one of the strongest component of CAC.

If so, Sir, Compliance Department, needs full attention and not shuttling unfaithfully between her and RG’s office.
Sir, it may interest you to check CAC website, your name is not listed as Director of Compliance.
It is good to be ambitious, as every Korofo, wants to be a 5-star general. I wish you the best and hope, my name will not be missing from CAC register of accredited customers.
Members of the Court of Public, opinion, can we hear your verdict?
Should A.G.Abubakar continue to act both as SA and Director of Compliance?



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  1. The man has become a Lord over the commission, he should relinquish one position asap. Besides, they should also know that the position of RG is not the exclusive reserve of any part of the country. Let the short man do the needful please.

  2. Lauretta Ikwuka | July 12, 2017 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Enough impunity,thank u Che for the bold step, we as lawyers should be bold enough to correct some of the wrongs being going on in our society, society I believe depends on lawyers for justice, equity & fairness. Some of these governmental outfits should be made to be responsive. The so called SA should relinquish Director’s portfolio forthwith.

  3. Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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