A Loser’s Lamentation To Hon. Philip Ejiogu.

👍Congratulations to Hon. Philip Ejiogu, House of Assembly Member Elect, Owerri-North State Constituency.

We fought hard, decent but some chose any foul means necessary. This is democracy in a crude African state, might is right, the first celebrated even if he didn’t brace the tape in line with rules of the contest.

Whosoever that will be celebrated as winner of election in Owerri-North nay Nigeria, I reluctantly congratulate them. Their paths are paved and soaked with votes bought. Since it is the will of the majority of the people to be bought, I also shamefully wish them.

This is democracy and the will of the mob rules. On March 9th 2019, the mob who willingly allowed themselves to be bought for less than N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) and a pack of rice with paracetamol sized meat, prevailed.

I saw this easy route to victory. I am not naïve. I saw this shortcut with its landmines but I chose the long windy, uneasy road of decent door to door campaign to set up agenda and run by the democratic rules of the game. Sticking to the rules when others are cutting corners, is painful and sighting victory makes the temptation more appealing but at such breaking point, the real you comes out. With tears in my heart, knowing that I have the capacity to disrupt the election, I stuck to the honest lonely path, voted and went home to the loving arms of my Tangali Goddess.

I step aside from the teeming mob and tell whosoever bought them (All the major political parties were involved in openly buying of votes), that there are hardwork ahead to be done after May 29th. Most outgoing Governors, are leaving their state in deep financial debt. Imo State, is one of such badly hit. Probes of the immediate past administration is a condition necessary, to moving the state forward and heal the divide in the state.

Owerri-North, is in comatose and in dare need of government presence. Dear Philip, the winner of Owerri-North State Constituency, Imo State House of Assembly election, those hailing you today, will ask for your blood in few months time. You can avoid this by working harder than you did during your Party’s campaign. Your Party did not reach to the nooks and crannies of Owerri-North and see the rot that requires effective Bills to bring these areas to the State Executive’s attention. You must initiate Bills, be visible in the House and be careful not to over toe party line to the detriment of our consistency.

The Community owned schools in Owerri-North are in sorry states; the roads are still looking like pre-colonial footpaths. You and your other colleagues, need to fashion out a Community Development Policy that will get his Excellency to rehabilitate one major road, one major community school and health centre in each of the 27 Local Government Areas in Nigeria.

I once more congratulate you and your Party; uneasy that lies the head that wears the crown, no matter how the crown was gotten.


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Che Oyinatumba
Liberation wordsmith,committed to self emancipation and provocatively lightening the path for others to find their ways to our common goal;an improved humanity.

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