Ashimole Pleads With Ndi Owerri-North

Dear Distinguished leaders and esteemed people of Owerri-North,

I wish to introduce myself to you and seek above all things, your vote and blessing in the forthcoming 2019 General Election. Your outstanding leadership and community development initiatives in this Constituency, cannot be taken for granted and your input in the outcome of 2019 General Election is fundamental to any candidate’s success.

I seek this input, blessing and support from you.

I am Felix Chukwuma Ashimole of Amachara,Azaraegbelu, Emekuku Ward ii, Imo State Constituency.  I am married with four (4) children, a lawyer with over 15 years legal advocacy experience. I have since my call to Bar, been in active practice and social engineering to deepen the tenants of democracy, with special bias to holding the Executive arm of Government accountable to the electorate.

With your vote, support of your esteemed followers and blessing, I will effectively represent Owerri-North in Imo state House of Assembly 2019 on the platform of  Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA) Party.
The near state of comatose Imo has found herself in the past seven (7) years, is majorly due to the silent, weak and docile, “I don’t care” attitude of members of Imo State House of Assembly with regards to their over sight functions and holding the Executive to account.
I crave your vote, support of your teeming followers and blessing; to emerge as member Imo State House of Assembly 2019 to give quality voice to the interest of Owerri-North.

We need to restore quality grassroots representation, effective delivery of democratic dividends to Owerri North.
Subject to any date and time most convenient to you, I would like to visit and consult you on the best way forward to reposition Owerri –North in the political firmament of Imo State.
Accept the assurances of my patriotic commitment to serving ndi Owerri –North na ndi Imo State.

Ashimole  Felix, Esq.
MAJA Party Candidate
Owerri-North Constituency,
Imo State House of Assembly.


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Che Oyinatumba
Liberation wordsmith,committed to self emancipation and provocatively lightening the path for others to find their ways to our common goal;an improved humanity.

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