Called To Serve Foundation’s Inauguration

I grew up on top of Ezinne. Ezinne Hospital Irete and my mother was the owner of Ezinne Hospital among other 3 hospitals.
I grew up seeing patients overstaying because they couldn’t pay their bills.
My mother will be grumbling and at times cry that these patients couldn’t pay.
Somewhere at Royce Road Owerri, her friend, Mrs. Beatrice Ibe, proprietress of Chinwe Maternity, was facing the same thing. Her children also grew up in the same vicinity as the maternity and witnessed patients not being able to pay.
30yrs plus, we have all grown but haunted by our childhood memories. Some became politically inclined towards finding solutions to why patients can’t pay.
Others found God and started NGO to provide money, equipment to help these patients.
Today is Aunty Chinwe’s 82nd birthday and her children chose today to launch CALLED TO SERVE FOUNDATION.  A foundation dedicated to provision of comfort, succor and finances to patients in hospitals that cannot pay their bills.
These children contribute money and visit hospitals to pay hospital bills of indigent patients.
I am touched because they live abroad and can afford to use their money to build hotels, buy SUV and other signs of “I have arrived, we have escaped poverty.”
I am also touched because one of my mumu buttons, is seeing those abroad, coming home to serve their communities after years of absence.
I am also touched that members of this Foundation at home, did not abuse the trust of those abroad, who were sending home the winter beaten dollars and hardwork sweat stained Pounds. Many Nigerians in diasporas have refused to trust again after they were defrauded by trusted home based friends and cousin plus business associates.
The broader vision of CALLED TO SERVE FOUNDATION is: Restoring hope to the hopeless, the orphans, the widows, the destitute and indigents through charitable works/giving, empowerment and awareness.

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Che Oyinatumba
Liberation wordsmith,committed to self emancipation and provocatively lightening the path for others to find their ways to our common goal;an improved humanity.

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