Constitution Of The Sinners Assembly

The Sinners Assembly, CAC/IT/NO 71445, whose Motto is: WE DAILY STRIVE FOR PERFECTION, was incorporated on 4th day of August 2014.

After years in the wilderness of tutelage and test, today, the hour has come to make it manifest to the World.

We pray that you find the aims and objectives, worthy of emulation, try and abide by them and above all, strive today, to be better than you were yesterday.

★Che Oyinatumba; Bishop of The Sinners Assembly.



1.To promote interreligious faith co-operation among the peoples of Nigeria.

2. To preach peace among Nigerians

3. To preach the word of God

4. To promote creative thinking in all spheres of life

5. To promote literacy, African poetry, civilization and ancient history of Africa

6. To promote emancipation of mankind from ignorance and hatred against their fellow man.

7. To promote healthy and equal exchange of ideas, arts, craft and books between members and other peoples of the world

8. To promote good health, and spread information which can lead to healthier life style among members

9. To promote personal dignity, self-confidence and self-worth among members

10. To discourage crime, violence, drugs-abuse and similar evil vices commonly associated with young people.

11. To take care of members welfare.


Membership of The Assembly is open to all individuals who believe in the objective of The Assembly and want to work towards their realization.

1. Applicant for membership shall be nominated by at least two (2) current and active members of The Assembly.

2. An applicant becomes a member if his/her application is approved by the Convening Apostle.

About the Author

Che Oyinatumba
Liberation wordsmith,committed to self emancipation and provocatively lightening the path for others to find their ways to our common goal;an improved humanity.

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  1. Shadrach Osiaje | July 15, 2017 at 5:28 am | Reply

    OK good morning. Well done.

  2. John okwudiri | July 15, 2017 at 6:37 am | Reply

    Pls where is sinners assembly office located? Cld it be dat d assembly is only for sinners

  3. I like this blog so much, saved to favorites.

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