EBF, SAN and 2018 NBA Presidential Mud Slinging; My Role

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Arthur Elvus Chukwu,Chairman,EBF Governing Council.

In the past 4 days, the NBA cyber space had been heated by mud some people claimed I flung at their uncle, who is aspiring to contest for NBA President.

Being a man of deep thought and reflection, I kept asking myself, could these accusations be true that I started this gutter fight? Amadioha led me to an article I published on 06/06/17 titled: Unwarranted Attack on me by faceless mongrels campaigning to have non SAN become 2018-2020 NBA President.

Mud and names were flung at me for disagreeing with the opinion of One Nyada Auta, Esq. The attack can be found The Nigeria Lawyer


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After going through this again, I am firmly convinced that I was not the first person to cast any stone but merely defending myself.  The writer claimed he is one Zakari Audu Zakari from NBA Kano. A quick check, showed that no such person exists not to talk of it being a lawyer. So who is using such pseudo name to attack me or more appropriately, reply to my article published in BarristerNG

In the above article, I said “The conferment of the prestigious rank of SAN, is not only given to the most cerebral, outspoken or wealthiest but to one of the best among us, who among other things, have exhibited exemplary leadership qualities both in the face of the Court and outside among Bar men. Against this, it will be out right mischief to insinuate that the wearers of the prestigious Silk, are incompetent to rule the NBA.”

Nyada Auta, who was immediate past national secretary, Young Lawyers Forum’s article was published June 5th 2017 and is the first recorded attack on SAN with regards to 2018 NBA Presidential election. It may interest you to remember that Mr. Auta was Young Lawyer’s Forum national secretary when Afam Osigwe was General Secretary of NBA ( I hope the dots are connecting.)  My rejoinder to Auta’s article, whose link is quoted above, was published on the 6th of June 2017 and Zakari Audu Bakari’s own was published later.

Juxtapose all these articles and check the time of release, it will be obvious that I wasn’t the first person to sling mud at anybody.

Secondly, Afam Osigwe, immediate past GS of NBA, on Saturday July 22nd, sent a private WhatsApp chat between me and him, to my wife. My wife called him to warn him to desist from invading her privacy or she will report him for cyber stalking/bulling.

Contrary to the lies being told by Afam Osigwe, he is not my family friend. We were close when in 2010, I used by platform, Kubwa Express Newspaper to campaign for him to become Unity Bar Chairman.

In 2011, we disagreed politically and in 2012, I was DG Campaign to Abimbola Kayode and he was supporting U.M.Yamah. We disagreed on Yamah’s qualification and it was heated times in Unity Bar. Afam called my wife to complain. My wife pleaded with me to ignore him, as I had wanted to call his wife too.

Since after this ignoble call in 2012, Afam has not called my wife or visited my home but 5 years down the road, he is sending my wife an unsolicited whatsApp chat and when my wife asked him to leave her out of NBA politics, threatening to arrest him, he accused my wife of being rude.

Contrary to what is being bandied about in some whtasApp groups sympathetic to Afam’s ambition to aspire, strictly speaking, Afam, is not my family friend or is he that close to me to be sending unsolicited whatsApp message (s) to my wife. I needed to clear this, because he had been telling people he is my family friend, to justify why the whatsApp chat to my wife is harmless and should be seen as a friendly fire.

My 3rd sin, was asking that ndi igbo, should harmonize their position and give us one candidate. I maintain that 2018 NBA Presidency is zoned to the East and not to ndi igbo alone but to all the 9 states that make up Eastern Bar Forum (EBF.) It has been the convention among these 9 states that posts zoned to them, shall be rotated between ndi igbo and the Niger Delta component of EBF-Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers and Rivers. This is also in all fours with Section 2.2 (d) of the Second Schedule to NBA Constitution 2015, which reads ” Where a position is zoned to any particular geographical zone, the position shall be rotated and held in turns by the different groups and/or sections in the geographical zone.” If EBF does not close rank against this looming intrusion on its cohesiveness, unity and peace, the years of hard work, to keep the Eastern Bars one, will be all wasted. Elders should tell the younger ones the truth.

In 2014, Afam Osigwe was endorsed by Eastern Bar Forum and adopted as its GS Candidate. It gave him organizational support and he emerged as GS. What is wrong in my asking him to go back and get endorsement from EBF? Could it be that during his tenure as GS, he brought nothing home to his brothers in EBF and is afraid of the verdict he will receive? Afam told me he will not seek EBF endorsement and since them he has been going about appealing to the younger lawyers, running with the mantra that NBA President must not be SAN but a leader who cares for young lawyers.

Is SAN with over 100 young lawyers passing through his law firm not helping young lawyers? Is a SAN who had graduated 100s of Lawyers, not contributing to the welfare of lawyers and the NBA?

Smartly, Afam whom I know craves to be SAN someday, has not been caught on tape disparaging SAN but his young supporters have been writing articles critical of the institution of SAN. And he is much aware of these derogatory articles and has kept quiet. He had not denounced them nor it should be taken that he is the sponsor of such articles, akin to the voice of Jacob and hairy hand of Esau?

So I expressed by displeasure at these and his nephew, who is not a lawyer, has been all over Facebook, running riot, defending his Uncle and casting mud at me.

I have been replying in colourful adjectives, as I believe no man has monopoly of stupidity or madness. I ask, is NBA Presidency an Osigwe family project? Why this desperation by a family for just a professional association’s election?

I do not hold brief for any SAN but I believe that the aspiration of any lawyer, who is a lawyer, should be to be the best he can be and rise to the pinnacle of his career. Every fresh recruit in the army dreams to be a General but that not all can make it, does not mean a soldier should abuse those who made it to the rank of General. We should not breed indiscipline at the Bar, abuse and destroy institutions because of the ambition of one man.

Ashimole Felix, Esq

Che Oyinatumba; Ofu ji ana eme offload;

Secretary, NBA Bwari (Capital Bar)





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