Imo Needs A Vibrant, Courageous House OF Assembly.


Gubernatorial candidates of all political parties in Imo State, including the incumbent Governor’s son in law, are in agreement that Imo needs to be revived, reformed, have fresh work commence and that ndi Imo need to smile again.
To achieve this by any Governor come May 29, 2019-2023, a strong Imo State House of Assembly is a must. Without a vocal, vibrant, focused, committed Legislators, no Governor will achieve his campaign promises, even if he is a dictator aka Eze onye agalam.
Interestingly, Imo State House of Assembly 2019, will be populated by fresh, first time legislators. This is because most of the incumbent members, are not returning to the House.
A good number of them have gone in search of greener pasture in House of Representatives and other posts.
With this expected arrival of new hands, it is most expedient that the 27 State Constituencies of Imo State must elect legislators who had prepared themselves for the work of law making.
Imolites should be interested and make sure that those they are sending to House of Assembly, will not take two years to learn the Rules of the House; how to pass Bills and what Oversight Functions are.
All Gubernatorial candidates too, should look beyond party affinity and support candidates that will aid them in achieving the lofty ideas they have for Imo State.
There cannot be a good, performing Governor, without a House of Assembly populated by performing, courageous members.
To fix Douglas House, we must also fix Imo State House of Assembly.
As you choose candidates to represent you in Imo House of Assembly, I urge you to look beyond your party and in the best interest of mother Imo, choose a credible, prepared and courageous candidate that will owe allegiance to Imo State and not to the Governor; a candidate whose interest is ndi Imo first, a candidate whose interest is in making laws that will make Imo state conducive for the next generation.
May the God of Imo State, guide your heart and thumb to print the right candidate, even if he is not from your political party.

About the Author

Che Oyinatumba
Liberation wordsmith,committed to self emancipation and provocatively lightening the path for others to find their ways to our common goal;an improved humanity.

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