Kema Chikwe; An Encounter.

I do not request for selfie with great men and women but she wowed me with her intelligence, humanity and down to earth approach to life, that I needed to do this to show my daughters.

I was expecting to be told at the gate that she was not at home. But to my greatest shock, without protocols, without the gateman asking me, oga, do you have appointment? I was ushered into her compound.
I couldn’t believe the ease with which I met her and like the notorious story of the blind men that went to see an elephant, I saw Her Excellency, Dr. Chief Mrs. Kema Chikwe from more angles than one.
One, she is beautiful, gorgeous and extremely cerebral lady, worthy to be a queen. There was no dull moment with her as we navigated culture and the land mine of Nigerian politics. I consistently had to interrupt her to be sure I wasn’t day dreaming that I am in her presence. I last saw her when we flew together in Airpeace but cared less as I perceived her from what the press had written about her.
Meeting her today, has reinforced my believe that every story about a politician in the press, is either approved by the politician’s media aide to paint him/her godly or sponsored by distractors to discredit that politician. Unlike the impression Aisha author of Love Does Not Win Election gave about her, I saw a motherly figure, bent on helping young ladies in politics. We discussed ladies in politics and how to help younger ones come on board and step in to the stilettos, her generation is leaving behind.
She was patient with me, motherly corrected me and I was taken in by her humanity. I couldn’t believe she is this lively compared to the Iron Lady personae the press had created about her.
Honestly, I would’ve loved to spend more time with her but I had to rush off to consult other leaders in my constituency.
Two, she is passionate about Ndi Owerri and patriotic about Nigeria. From this angle, she glowed greatly as she passionately expressed her displeasure about the inability of the younger ones to show leadership.
Three, intelligent woman she is and I begged her to give me her biography but boy! She is already working on it and it will be soon published. Owerri cannot have an Amazon like her, without celebrating her, documenting her as a beacon of hope for the girl child that wants to go into politics.
So why did I go to see her? She is a leader in Imo state and my constituency, is blessed to have her as one of our illustrious daughters, whose contributions to human capacity development cannot be overlooked. Knowing that she is a committed PDP stalwart, I refused to tango with her on the issue of my House of Assembly ambition but spoke about political development of Emekuku. She came further alive and expressed displeasure with my generation’s failure to maintain the political stronghold Emekuku had on Imo politics. She drew big challenge at my generation to first secure the land before fighting over mat.
You dig your political grave, if you fail to consult her, it does not matter whether she supports you or not but sitting at the embroidery of her skirt, you must pick one essential political missile or the other.
Today, I did not leave empty handed, although I came with no gift to the presence of a political goddess.


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