Parable Of The 10 Virgins As Revealed To The Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly.

Bible Text: Mathew 25:1-13.
So the 6 righteous ones, didn’t have any backup plan but relied on their righteousness. They took their lovers word of faithfulness and certainty of estimated time of arrival. They didn’t prepare for in case he missed his flight from Malaysia or that he had a German wife who refused to release his passport.
The other 6 Sinners, Ashinas, based on experience from broken hearts by those in South Africa, took precaution. They understand that flight may be delayed or brother may come home and not find them attractive, so they kept spare oil, used the Dollars he was sending, to buy I Pass My neighbor. And she he crept in late, this ones were prepared to host him.
The wise ones were busy looking for condom but the foolish ones, already had condom in their bag as they are not naive to believe that Bros had been faithful in abroad for the past 4yrs.
While the wise ones were busy looking for a chemist shop that is open by 11:45 PM around Concorde Hotel/Mimi/Orange room axis, the foolish ones, quietly brought out Gold Circle and insisted that no Condom no show.
Bro suffering from jet lag and Kònji, needed to download and in the heat of the moment, proposed while the good wise Virgin was busy looking for a righteous yahoo boy that will wait till she refills her lamp.
The bottom up of the Parable of the 12 Virgins, is seen in verse 13, which reads; “The moral is: keep your eyes open, for you know not the day or the hour.”
Like Boys Scout motto; be prepared.
I urge you this December, to be prepared but not loose.
Learn to flow with the wind but don’t allow the wind to break you.
Don’t indulge in casual sex with these boys from abroad but if they promise marriage and you must open your legs, be prepared and insist on HIV test.
Many righteous good girls, will lose good husbands to those who are considered ashawo because the righteous good girls were not prepared! Life does not favor those who are righteous but those who are prepared to deal with whatever circumstances life throws at them.

©️Bishop of The Sinners Assembly.



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