War Looms In CAC!

Outgoing Registrar General of CAC, Mr. Mahmoud Bello

The epileptic services being witnessed by customers of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), have been linked to the battle of who succeeds Mr. Mahmoud Bello, the outgoing Registrar General (RG) of CAC.

Credible information reaching me, has it that the following directors of CAC had in private discussions, disclosed their interest to become the next RG;  Gado Shehu mni-Director State offices; Haj. Shafi Director- IT; Haj. Laraba Shu’aibu-Director Human Resources; Lady Azuka Azinge-Director Registry, Mrs Akhaluno-Director Customers Services and Mr. Abubakar Garba Abubakar (A.G.Abubakar)-Director Compliance and SA to the RG.

The above listed Senior Directors who are eminently qualified with experience and array of Prayer warriors and Marabous, plus African science, not directly involved in these epileptic services but loyal staffs in their departments have been fingered repeatedly by customers of CAC for being sluggish, deliberately undermining jobs that require interdepartmental cooperation.

The last time succession war raged in CAC, was in 2013, when the incumbent was on terminal leave but bounced back with a fresh mandate of 4 years. He brought down the big ax, reshuffled CAC directorate, taking the rebellious directors to obscure departments.

Apart from Gado Shehu mni; Haj. Shafi; Haj. Laraba Shu’aibu; Lady Azuka Azinge; Mrs Akhaluno; senior  directors, they do not wield the same amount of influence that a junior director in the person of  Mr. Abubakar Garba Abubakar (A.G.Abubakar) does. His rapid promotion from Deputy Director in RG’s office to full Director in Compliance Department and still holding the office of SA to the RG, has ruffled many feathers and tongues are aflame that he is being groomed as the next RG. Despite this seeming favouritism, the other directors, have their strengths too.

I am worried about this succession war for, once ambition is thrown into a work environment, the line between professionalism and politics is blurred and all errors, omissions and system failures are interpreted with the pinhole camera of Machiavellian instincts.

What they jointly have against them, is that they had been in the management team of CAC for too long without any revolutionary improvement. The CAC Staff Union, prefers fresh pairs of hands, who will think outside the box and bring more human staff welfare packages.

Customers too, are not inclined to having the new RG of CAC being appointed from within the rank and file of the existing Directors.

According to an accredited customer, all these Directors were part and parcel of Al Mustafa’s management team and since Al Mustafa left, they could not sustain the revolutionary innovations Al Mustafa left behind.  According to him, Mustafa, introduced CAConline, the use of biometrics to clock in both by staff and customers; some of the biometric machines cans still be seen from CAC gate to the 6th floor.

 Al Mustafa also introduced personalized portals for lawyers to secure their availability to prevent staff from poaching lawyers customers.  The customer angrily asked, if these Directors could not sustain and improve these innovations introduced by Al Mustafa over 8 years ago, why should they be trusted with headship of CAC? A man, who was faithful in little, cannot be trusted with much.

The greatest nail in the coffin of their ambition is the rumoured desire of the incumbent RG to remain in power.  According to those lobbying for him, Section 8 of CAMA does not specify tenure time for the RG. It was merely Civil Service directive which is subject to presidential desire, should the President via the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Investment wants the RG to continue in perpetuity.

Staff and Union being aware of these, are unconsciously taking sides and it is affecting service delivery in CAC, despite huge sums of money sunk to make online registration of companies and ease the pains of doing business in Nigeria.

While I wish them well in their ambitions, they should play less politics and supervise their staff to ensure quality and timely delivery of services.

In the coming months, we will be ex-raying the strength and weaknesses of these gladiators.


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